come as you are, learn and create

Moving from institutional work to private practice is a transition I have looked forward to.

My twelve years as an Art Therapist at The Children’s Hospital at Montefiore shaped my identity as a therapist. My education gave me a strong theoretical background and my post-graduate trainings have allowed me to focus in on the areas that intrigue and inform my practice. At the same time, I continue my own practices of self-care including meditation and painting, and visiting places that allow me to keep a perspective on priorities.

Direct engagement in creative arts therapy helps to develop new perspectives, helps us to know and accept the many parts of ourselves, and can help us get through challenging times. Mindfulness and creative practice can bring a sense of calm and control which is always a good place to start.

There are many reasons to delve into Art Therapy. Creative blocks, feelings of disconnection, desire for more authenticity and greater access to emotion. Through our own creations, we have a new and fresh way to tell our stories and understand our relationships.

Please enjoy browsing my website. I am available to answer any questions.