When do you know it is time to act? Is there ever a perfect time to do something?

When is the perfect time to get engaged, or to get married, to have a child, to buy a house or a car, to change careers? If we wait for circumstances to be “perfect” we may never get around to doing anything.

Taking time to evaluate where you are at this moment in time, is an important task for each of us to do. When we stop to notice where we are and how we feel about where we are, we can learn a lot. I believe our best guide and teacher lies within. When we can access and listen to our innate wisdom, we are in a better position to make important decisions.

Each of us has to find our way to our center. Talking with close family or a trusted friend, therapist, co-worker, community member can help. Meditation, prayer, spending time in nature, listening to music, exercising or creative activity are some ways that we can tune out some of the daily distractions and focus on our own intuition.

My intuition has lead me to this point in my life when I am ready to put my dreams and plans into action. I remember other times in my life when I have felt that I reached a crossroad….On the pages of a journal I kept . towards the end of my undergraduate career, I wrote the words,

“Let go of fantasy, so reality can come true.”

At that time, I bought myself a one way ticket to Italy and left my friends and family to move to a country I had never been to before. I had spent years dreaming and thinking and planning, and when it came time to go, I realized that those plans got me to act, but the reality was not at all what I thought it would be. I needed to find myself there in order to see what to do next. This was a powerful life lesson.

At another time, I felt it was time to leave a successful career, having built my reputation over about 18 years of freelance work. It would have been easy to continue working in that area, but my heart was done and I knew it was time to listen to my dream to do something with my creative gifts and my desire to work directly helping people. This gave me the courage to go back to graduate school and get a Masters 20 years after my Bachelor degree, and change the course of my career.

Again, after 12 years, it is time to make a big change once again. There are no guarantees for success, but I know for sure that there is zero chance for success without making my best attempt to try. So, with hope and confidence in all the knowledge and experience and wisdom I have, it is again time for my LEAP OF FAITH.

But first, rest, recuperation and new opportunities for inspiration are needed and Summertime is the perfect time for all these things and more.

May you find the courage to pursue your dreams….