What is SoulCollage®?

Don’t let the title throw you off. The title simply refers to the many aspects of your personality, your talents, your challenges, your influences that are unique to each person. There is no need for religious, spiritual or even therapeutic intent to learn this technique.

SoulCollage® is a fun process that anyone can do. People make a deck of collaged cards, one card at a time. The SoulCollage® deck mirrors the self as a whole and each card images one part of that self. People use their SoulCollage® cards to access their own inner wisdom and find direction by "reading" their cards individually or in groups. They ask their life's questions and, speaking from their own cards for themselves in a special context, provide direction for themselves. Sharing readings and SoulCollage® cards are enjoyable, enriching ways to deepen intimacy and strengthen community.

Facilitators simply make available an encouraging, non-competitive, safe-as-possible space for creativity and self-discovery in community.

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